MetaTwist 2.0

More than 2000 German words in 57 categories including professions, food, or verbs.

Flip cards by tapping them – now try to find the pairs. Once you find a pair, MetaTwist will speak the word. Once you have found all the pairs, all cards are shown again with the appropriate applause. You can review all words and hear them spoken by tapping them.

The association of images, text and sound helps with learning to speak and to read. Even young children, that cannot read yet, are motivated by the images.

A new card set can be created by chosing a category or chosing a different number of cards.

The MetaTwist images are part of the METACOM symbol system (© Annette Kitzinger) and are known for their clarity and high quality graphics.

The categories and words are based on the German 5x9 vocabulary in our MetaTalk app. MetaTwist helps MetaTalk users to explore the words in each category while playing. But MetaTwist goes beyond MetaTalk, it is an app for all users!